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General Information

These templates are distribured free of charge and without any licensing requirements. You are free to download, edit and use these templates however you see fit. They are extremely light weight and fast loading in any browser (yes, even on mobile devices!).

They are fully mobile responsive, but you can tweak them even more if you choose to do so. In the next few videos, I will explain how to tweak and edit them to fit your purposes.

While these themes/landing pages may look very simple, don't get fooled by their simplicity. Your visitor isn't looking for bells and whistles when visiting your website. (I'm talking about service oriented niches of course!)

All your visitor wants is an easy (uncluttered) way to find the information they are looking for. That information could be a phone number they can call or a form they can fill out to get a quote so they can compare prices, or make a purchase.

Another important factor to consider for your mpc landing page templates is where your traffic is coming from. Nowadays most traffic to any site is from mobile devices... so all your sliders and rolling images and hoopla will just make your pages that much slower on a mobile device.

  • Accountants template
  • Real estate template
  • HVAC Repair template
  • auto mechanic website template
  • catering business landing pages
  • chiropractor landing pages
  • Day care center theme
  • dog grooming templates
  • Landscaping site landing page

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Use the download link on the left to sign up and get the templates. There are also some video tutorials available on the next page on how to edit the templates to your liking.