Overview Of The Niche Template

60 Ready Made Niche Templates

Accountancy Antiques Appartments Appliance Repair
Auto Loans Bail Bonds Bancrupcy Attorney Beauty Salons
Bridal Car Service Carpet Cleaning Catering
Chiropractor Insurance Real Estate Cosmetic Surgery
Day Care Day Spa Dentist Divorce Lawyer
Dog Grooming Electrician Fencing Finance
Fitness Flooring Florists Windshield Repair
Gutters Health/Beauty Health Food HVAC
Home Insurance Home Loans Home Maintenance Real Estate
Landscaping Lawn Care Limousine Locksmith
Counseling Movers Notary Optician
Painters Party Supplies Personal Injury Pest Control
Photography Therapists Plumbers Printing
Roofing Security Signs Storage
Tires Tree Removal Veterinarian Weight Loss

Editing The Template Background Colors

Description for editing the background colors

Editing the background colors of the templates is very simple. All you need to do is right-click on a color with your (preferably Firefox) browser and look for the line in the css file which is displaying the color.

Next step is to go into the css folder and open up the css file with something like Notepad++ (free). Then look for the line in your css file which is displaying the color code and change that code to your prefered color and save the file. Viola! You've just updated the background color.

To change the footer colors you just repeat the same process. It doesn't get any easier than this.

Full list of color codes

For a full list of html color codes you can visit http://htmlcolorcodes.com and find a color code that suits your page.

Editing Images

Editing images for these templates is pretty straightforward. All you really need to be sure about is the sizing. Make sure you maintain the same sizes as the originals. That all there really is to it.

Important Notice:

The images named: bg.gif, bg_bg.gif, cross-symbol.png, logo_bg.gif, logo_bg_bg.gif, menu.png should not be removed from the folder. They are needed when your page is resized to fit mobile devices.

Uploading Files To MPC

Uploading your template to your server is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3. Just like you're already used to doing, you zip up your template and grab it from your machine with MPC.

After uploading your theme files, you'll need to go in the editor to set absolute pathing for your template to display correctly. Simply right-click in source mode and click on Scan 404. Next you tell MPC where your CSS, Images etc. are and mpc will take care of the rest.

You will have 3 options... (Web root, Project folder and External website)

Redirecting The Page

The ability to redirect your page to anywhere you want is one of the coolest modules added to MPC in recent times. This video is a quick overview on how to use MPC to send your traffic to other (better converting) landing page(s).

Whenever I use the redirect module though, I always redirect to another page on the same site. Redirecting to some other website tends to make your pages not last/rank for as long as compared to when you redirect inwards.

Adding Overlay

This is undoubtly one of my favorite modules in MPC! Being able to display a highly converting/money page on top of your mass pages is a surefire way to increase your sales.

Using a dynamic include to go with the overlay, will allow you to have a Default that will apply to all your pages, but also enables you to use a different url for specific pages (silos).

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  • Adding the redirect module
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